On Deck + Continuum

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Founders Fund, Elad Gil, Chamath Palihapitya, Learn Capital
“Insights per minute are extremely high with Continuum executives.”

On Deck’s Problem: Leading a compensation review without an expert in-house 

  • Whether in a recession or a white-hot hiring spree, you will need a dialed-in, competitive compensation strategy to attract and retain the best people. 
  • But how should you think about compensation without a comp expert in the building? How do you tuck-in your top performers and put together competitive new hire packages that are fair to the existing employees? What about equity and equity refresh programs? How should comp be communicated so employees understand their total compensation?

How Continuum Solved On Deck’s Problem  

On Deck’s business is growing rapidly and they needed to dial in their compensation strategy so they could recruit and retain top talent. Continuum matched On Deck with a compensation executive who helped build the compensation strategy  at Tesla, Carta and Netflix. 

The executive worked directly with On Deck’s fractional Head of People and VP of Ops to develop a world-class compensation strategy: 

  • Developed a performance and compensation review processes. 
  • Implement compensation data sets and translate into usuable frameworks for On Deck to benchmark against. 
  • Refined job ladders and create a leveling guide for On Deck to scale into. 
  • Completed an audit of On Deck’s competitiveness from a compensation perspective and helped them adjust to where they needed to be in-market. 
  • Created equity range modeling, job ladders, bonuses and tutorial videos to accompany the rollout. 
  • Remained “on call” after the engagement to help the team navigate challenging compensation issues and future comp reviews. 

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