How Hint Health Redesigned Performance & Feedback Cycles with a Fractional People Advisor from Continuum

Series B
50+ employees
Banneker Partners and Frist Cressey Ventures
I was impressed with how quickly Continuum connected us with not only a high-quality executive but one that aligns perfectly with our needs and style of work.
Aimee Leidich, Head of Operations at Hint Health

Challenge: Improving Employee Performance & Feedback Cycles 

Hint Health needed a more streamlined process and philosophy for their performance review and feedback cycles that would scale with company size. Their previous review process would take about 3 hours per employee per review, and feedback and reward cycles could take months to complete. They wanted to create a more efficient feedback and rewards culture that was more predictable and easier to use for employees and managers.

Solution: Hint Health Engaged an Expert, Fractional People Advisor

Hint Health partnered with Continuum, an elite marketplace that connects high-growth startups with executive talent. Continuum understood Hint Health's goals and challenges and so matched them with a seasoned People Operations executive with deep experience in architecting feedback cycles and compensation. 

Results: Reduced feedback cycles from 4 months to 4 weeks

  1. Empowering manager development: Long feedback and review cycles were caused by a lack of structure and manager alignment. Hint Health’s fractional people advisor introduced training and content for managers, helping empower them to conduct more frequent and consistent feedback, in a fraction of the time. 
  2. Designing an intentional rewards cycle: In addition to a clunky, annual review, Hint Health did not have a formal rewards process causing both administrative and employee confusion. Recognizing that rolling out a new rewards cycle is a time-consuming and frustrating process, Hint Health utilized their fractional People advisor. She designed a new philosophy, aligned with Hint Health’s People Operations and executive teams, and rolled it out to the company in 8 weeks. Hint Health built a new performance and rewards process that recognizes top performers and has also established trust with their employees by transparently communicating how the system works.
  3. Creating playbooks and scripts for adoption: The mission was to create a more robust feedback and rewards culture that was lightweight and user-friendly for the team. Hint Health’s fractional people advisor explained the rationale and evidence behind the approach to ensure everyone understood the value it brought to individuals and the company. She also codified playbooks and scripts so Hint Health’s People Operations team could sustain the process long-term. 
  4. Employee experience and engagement: There’s a stigma around HR professionals issuing boring and tedious processes without explanation and employee conviction. Hint Health’s People Operations team saw this as an opportunity to develop a creative plan designed for humans who have a valued point of view and want to understand how this impacts them. Most importantly, Hint Health wanted employees to be involved in the structuring of this new process so that when it was rolled out, there weren’t any surprises or misalignments.

Hint Health restructures employee feedback and compensation cycles to increase usability and engagement and establish a healthier feedback culture.

Hint Health recognized they needed a refreshed feedback and compensation approach, but didn’t know where to start. They partnered with Continuum and were matched with an expert People leader who could step in and advise on the new process and philosophy. In a matter of 8 weeks, they reduced feedback cycles from 4 months to 4 weeks, built trust with employees, and set the foundation for future success.

To learn more about how Continuum can help address your organizational needs, schedule a consultation with our team of experts.

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