Novo + Continuum

Series B
250+ Employees
Valar Ventures, Stripes, Crosslink Capital, Box Group, Red Sea Ventures, Rainfall Ventures
“You have a kick-ass product and we are loving it. I want to get every leader a Continuum exec.”
- Michael Rangel, Founder & CEO of Novo

Novo’s Problem: Upleveling the team as the company grows

It’s the classic start-up paradox. You’re building something new and category-defining, so what do you do when your team is operating at the edges of their experience? Turning over or layering a leader is costly and endangers your company’s momentum and morale. Traditional executive search is costly and high beta. What if you could simply supercharge the team you have?

How Continuum Solved Novo’s Problem  

Continuum matched Novo’s leadership team with executives that had operated in similar functions at hyper-growth companies. This allowed them to see around the corners to what was coming next and build their functions to be more scalable and resilient. 

Novo’s team has partnered with five Continuum advisors in HR, Recruiting, FP&A, Product Management, and Business Development functions. Novo’s leaders meet with these advisors for at least 3 hours each month and learn how to build best-in-class teams and get real-time advice to challenges they are wrestling with.

  • Shortly after their series A, Novo’s HR leader needed to uplevel their People function. Working with Continuum, Novo got access to Intercom’s Chief People Officer who helped the current leader uplevel the function
  • Paired an early DoorDash business development leader with Novo’s first go-to-market hire to coach them on how to build a sales function in a lean, hypergrowth start-up environment
  • With their headcount goals at risk, Continuum connected Novo with Instacart’s first recruiting leader to execute on their aggressive hiring plans and align the company’s hiring priorities
  • Partnered their new Head of Product from a banking background with a technologist Product Management leader from Elemy and TripAdvisor to help them build a world-class product management function
  • Paired Novo’s Finance director with the VP of Finance from Anaplan who helped Novo with org design and building out their FP&A function.

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