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“Our Continuum exec is a wealth of knowledge that helps us get to the right answer quickly. I learn something new every time I talk to him.”

The Beacons Problem: Hiring a world-class team 

Recruiting is the most important job of founders and early employees. Great talent begets other great talent.

But how do you hire world-class talent quickly? What if your network is tapped out and you don’t have an internal recruiting team

How Continuum Solved Beacons Problem  

Continuum matched Beacons with Robinhood’s first technical recruiter, who scaled Robinhood from ~20 employees to more than 3000. Like all Continuum executives, Beacons’ match had solved similar recruiting problems before and had scaled beyond Beacons’ stage.  

The executive began working directly with Neal, Beacons’ CEO. Neal and the executive spent ~5 hours/month:

  • Aligning hiring priorities, job descriptions and an interview process to vet and assess candidates 
  • Building a sourcing and outreach strategy from scratch 
  • Designing and implementing a candidate experience that gets candidates excited about the team, business, and opportunities for impact
  • Teaching the CEO how to debrief, align on compensation, and get the candidate to accept the offer
  • Design compensation and candidate closing strategies
  • Helping the CEO hire their first internal recruiter 
  • Helping Beacons’ first recruiter grow and expand her network

Once the recruiter was hired, Beacons leveraged the Continuum exec to help the recruiter grow with the needs of a growing company. 

Beacons went from 12 employees to more than 30 in 5 months with Continuum’s help. The Beacons talent foundation is set, and the company is ready to hyper-scale.

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