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Former Google recruiter’s No. 1 job interview tip: ‘The best candidates that I meet’ do this

When it comes to teaching your interviewer something during the interview process, Church would encourage job seekers not to force it. If there’s an opportunity, let it come up naturally, when the interviewer asks you a question about your experience, for example.

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Continuum Lands $12 Million In Funding To Attack The Fractional Executive Space

HRtech Software-as-a-Service company that serves as a platform to bring together seasoned executives with organizations that need their services on an advisory, fractional or full-time basis.

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Tech layoffs may get worse before they get better

Carta's former chief people officer turned entrepreneur chats through how tech companies got so bloated, his advice for conducting a layoff and how Continuum can help.

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How Continuum Connects Companies with On-Demand Executive Talent

Executive recruiting is broken. It's about time we had a frictionless marketplace to connect top-tier executives with startups that might not be able to afford them otherwise.

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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling About Continuum With Nolan Church

Cofounder and CEO of Continuum, Nolan Church, talks about how his experience building recruiting and people teams at DoorDash and Carta inspired him to start Continuum.

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How fractional work and role-sharing will define the future of work

The future of work is almost certainly more flexible. Fractional work and role-sharing are slowly making their way into mainstream worklife. Continuum's platform enables this for executives.

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Want to lay off workers more smoothly? There's a startup for that

Layoffs are very difficult for a company. Bringing an executive in whose had the benefit of experience to help guide you through the layoff is good for business and morale.

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Continuum unveils its on-demand access marketplace for top-tier executive talent

It’s difficult for startups on a small budget to attract executives with the knowledge base to propel them forward, but Continuum, a talent marketplace for fractional employees, is changing that.

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Fractional Hires Let Tech Startups Play Big, Navigate Uncertain Business Conditions

Companies utilizing the Continuum platform can access expert insight and guidance from executives, who must have had director-level+ experience at a venture capital (VC)-backed company.

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Continuum Raises $12M To Build The Fractional Executive Marketplace

Traditional employment models are not flexible enough to meet the needs of the most in-demand executives. Enter Continuum to connect companies to these executives.

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