Slush 2023 Presentation: Navigating Layoffs

Published on
Dec 5, 2023
Written by
Allison Butler
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2 min read

Nolan Church speaks at Slush 2023: Navigating Layoffs

They are common and no one likes them – layoffs. Sometimes, they're a painful necessity to salvage a company but it is still important to conduct them with respect and care for those affected. If you do not want to repeat the mistakes made in this year’s hundreds of thousands of layoffs, you should be this talk’s guest.

Nolan Church, Founder and CEO of Continuum, experienced the layoffs firsthand when Carta decreased its headcount by 13% with him being the Chief People Officer. Drawing from these experiences, he will share advice on conducting layoffs thoughtfully, enabling the affected employees to regain stability and ensuring your company is not in turmoil.