HR Heretics Unleashed: DEI Roundtable

Published on
Jan 8, 2024
Written by
HR Heretics
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2 min read
Kelli Dragovich, former Chief People Officer at Pendo and Nolan Church, former Chief People Officer at Carta, CEO & Founder of Continuum are joined by Colleen McCreary, former Chief People Officer at Credit Karma, Venture Capitalist at Ribbit Capital, and David Hanrahan, former Chief HR Officer at Eventbrite, Chief People Officer at Flare for a DEI roundtable.

Colleen McCreary and David Hanrahan join Nolan and Kelli to offer their takes on the progress DEI has made over the years, the current camps in this debate, and the necessity of founders and companies to better understand their own priorities and define their position on DEI.

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