Revolutionizing Executive Search: A New Approach for Swift and Effective Hiring

Published on
Sep 6, 2023
Written by
Allison Butler
Read time
4 min read

Fractional executives can’t solve every problem. Sometimes a full-time executive is needed, but that doesn’t mean you must suffer through a traditional executive search. 

Continuum Founder and CEO Nolan Church is an executive hiring mastermind. Nolan started his career in recruiting at Google before joining DoorDash as Head of Talent, where he helped scale the company from 50 to 800. From there, Nolan became the Chief People Officer at Carta, where he established their people function and hired over 1,000 employees. 

During his tenure serving in senior hiring positions, Nolan learned where the many inefficiencies in executive search lay and refused to accept them as status quo. Why does it take so long? Why is it so expensive? How do they guarantee success? What happens in the interim?

Continuum is an executive talent marketplace connecting companies with elite executives for fractional or full-time engagements. Yes, we help companies hire full-time executives, but we don’t follow the traditional search procedure. 

Five key factors of our executive search process differentiate us from everyone else:

  1. Subject matter expertise: You’re not working with a big agency. You’re working with two experts in the field of executive recruiting. In addition to Nolan Church’s experience in exec recruiting, Erin Locker is an expert at executive go-to-market hires for companies Series A to Series C. The combination of Nolan and Erin provides the best team to fill your open exec role.

  2. Interim Leadership: When you decide to hire an executive, chances are you already feel the impact of having that role sit open. A Continuum executive search includes an interim executive to step in and keep things running smoothly, help with the hiring or onboarding of your new executive, and serve as an interim leader for the company.

  3. Calibration: We don’t always believe that a full-time executive is the answer. We’ll help you to calibrate exactly what problem you’re trying to solve and advise on who the best person is to help solve that problem and whether you need someone full-time, fractional, advisory, etc.

  4. Network Effect: One of Continuum’s superpowers is our network of 700+ elite executives passionate about applying their experiences to help other startups grow. The difference between Continuum and traditional exec search firms is that our first step will be tapping into our engaged network of highly-vetted executives.
  5. Time: Time can be your greatest enemy regarding executive hiring. In addition to our built-in network, we purposely have a small, dedicated team working on your search. While it can feel like more is better, we’ve learned in exec search too much time is spent on coordinating between team members, ultimately delaying your time to introduction. We optimize for speed and historically fill exec searches in three months, a huge differentiator from legacy retained search firms whose searches take up to 6-12+ months.

Ready to start your executive search? Book time with Nolan and Erin today and learn more about our frictionless approach to executive hiring.