How to Create an Effective Interim Partnership

Published on
Jul 31, 2023
Written by
Jake Butler
Read time
2 min read

Engaging with an interim partner can help things keep running smoothly until you find the right full-time hire for the position. But what exactly does such a partnership entail? And how do you ensure you get the value you’re expecting? Here are five tips for keys to creating an effective interim partnership that serves all parties’ needs.

Clearly define your goals and objectives.

Detail 1 to 3 ideal outcomes and let the executive bring them to life. Use these ideal outcomes as an anchor for all future conversations. As Steve Jobs said: “I don’t hire people and tell them what to do. I hire people to tell me what to do.”

Give relevant context.

On deadlines, the business, relationships, etc. Don’t waste time creating an onboarding plan - great fractional executives will figure it out fast. If not, fire them.

Establish regular, honest communication.

Set up a weekly or biweekly 1:1 to review progress on the goals and objectives. Set the expectation that the fractional executive will drive the agenda and conversation. Never hold back: always communicate what is going well, and what is not.

Build the long-term solution.

Fractional executives are typically temporary. Ask the fractional executive to help you figure out the long-term solution.

End on good terms.

Fractional executives can generate employee referrals, customer referrals and open doors. You’ve built a relationship that can help your business solve more problems in the future.