The new Career Continuum is complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated

At Continuum, we understand modern executives utilize their time like never before.
Our marketplace provides elite venture-backed opportunities and our soloprenuer toolkit makes building your Career Continuum a breeze.

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Exclusive talent network that up-levels your team

Omers has partnered with Continuum to access functional advisors who help founders overcome principal obstacles & up-level their teams.

Connect with vetted, top-tier executives
across functional areas

Functional advisors roll up their sleeves and get tactical. They’ve been there, done that, and can help you see around the corner.

Deanna Dong

GTM, DTC SaaS, Acquisition

Joanna Lord

Product, Marketplace, Branding

Jonathan Sousa

GTM, B2B SaaS, Customer Success

Blake Harber

GTM, B2B SaaS, Playbooks

Gerald Lou

Compensation, D2C, Rewards
People Ops

Ashley Dovenbarger

Recruiting, B2B SaaS, Compensation
People Ops

Chris Tobin

Talent, B2B SaaS, Workplace
People Ops

Shelby Wolpa

Compensation, Marketplace, Benefits
People Ops

Jim Cook

Finance, B2B SaaS, Leadership

Steven Wu

Finance, B2B SaaS, FP&A

Cecilia Pang

Financial Planning, B2C/DTC, Strategy

Kunal Bajaj

Controller, Marketplace, Cap Table

Doug Reed

InfoSec, B2B SaaS, FinTech

Preeti Kaur

Software, B2B SaaS, Leadership

Charlton Soesanto

Product, Marketplace, Mobile

Apurva Garware

Product, B2B/B2C Marketplace, GTM


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This process applies to fractional, interim, coaching/advising and full-time searches.


Tell us your needs

Our executive marketplace will provide you with the best match for your company domain and hiring goals

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Find Talent How It Works Graphics - Continuum - Executive Recruiting

Get matched with vetted executives

See matches within 48 hours. Only talk to those you approve, and interview to make sure it’s a fit.


Hire and see
impact in weeks

Start solving your toughest business problems right now!

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Who Is Connecting?

A few of the Continuum matches that recently started solving problems together.

why continuum?

Traditional executive recruiting is broken

Continuum's marketplace provides instant access to top executive talent for full-time, part time and advisory roles.

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Up-level your team with world-class execs that have been in the role before.

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Solve your key business problems with vetted executives who can hit the ground running in days.

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Replace legacy executive search firms for 1/6 of the cost and at 10x the speed.

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The Continuum Difference


All executive talent on Continuum are vetted by our team.

Flexible Arrangements

Advisory, fractional, consulting or full-time - pick the arrangement that works for you.

Instant Access

Start working with the right executive for your company in days, not weeks.

Mitigated Risk

Bad hires are costly. Mitigate risk by leveraging fractional talent.

Higher ROI

Access talent that might be out of reach as full-time hires and don't waste months with a key role sitting empty.